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, and is michelle rhee far behind? the school chancellor's comments on whether she is the one who is under re-election. why your salary could be on the chopping block. the cut that you don't know about and that your boss has no say over. and the discovery hostages and their escape plan. only on 7, a first look at what they are telling oprah winfrey. captioned by the national captioning institute >>> sobering words from the woman at the center of d.c.'s race for mayor, michelle rhee talking about her future 24 hours after mayor adrian fenty loses to challenger vincent gray. we had every development in the race. jay korff has why michelle rhee says she is partly to blame for fenty's loss. >> vincent gray and michelle rhee said it will sit down and talk about her future. tonight, we caught up with michelle rhee at an event that applauded her work, in part, and she admitted she was a factor in the mayor losing. chancellor michelle rhee's appearance for the d.c. premiere of "waiting for superman" could not have been more ironic, showcasing the work of those within the system. >>
spread the disturbing sexual evidence found. michelle rhee goes on the oprah. the stars are back. the big-name star who told the show, thanks, but no thanks. >> this is abc 7 news at 11. >> we begin tonight with an alert for parents. >> a man faces some serious legal troubles to night after he is charged with 10 counts of possession of child pornography. we're told that he interacted with students at area schools. >> could it have been -- >> we would have never known. >> nabors set a month ago, she saw firefighters entering his place after the apartment next door, fire. >> they went to check the next house. they saw there was nothing wrong with it. they found all that stuff. >> the fairfax county fire marshal's office did notified them that the child pornography was found in his home. at queens says that he worked for the metropolitan airport authority. he also judges wrestling matches four middle schools and high schools across northern virginia. the wrestling association confirms that heat judged matches for the past eight years and it performed skin checks on the students before they g
chan lore michelle rhee stay or go? fox 5's john henrehan went looking for some answers. >> reporter: d.c.'s school chancellor michelle rhee has fired about 500 of the 4,200 educators who work in the d.c. public school system, her sweeping approach to school reform coming about because current mayor adrian fenty gave her broad authority to make change happen. >> she and i will decide how the schools will be run for the next 160 days. she and the democratic nominee will have to decide what their respective roles are for any days after january 2nd next year. >> reporter: many d.c. voters told pollsters although they liked the general increase in test scores, they didn't like rhee's top down style of management. will the presumed incoming mayor keep michelle rhee? >> we're not making any personnel decisions at all until after the general election, but i think it's important she and i begin these conversations now. >> reporter: the president of the washington teachers union expects vincent gray will consult with his group before deciding whether to keep chancellor rhee. >> the vote on the m
's mayoral primary, the question on many people's mind is whether or not school chancellor michelle rhee will be staying. kristin fisher reports that we could have an answer sometime this week. >> reporter: well michelle rhee will return from vacation this week and when she does, she'll meet with vince gray about her future or lack there of as d.c. school chancellor. now her school reform was a major issue throughout the battle. supporters of michelle rhee and fenty credited them for making tough decisions to improve d.c. schools but opponents have accused her of alienating teachers and parents and critical of her firing 200 d.c. teachers for underperformance. michelle rhee said she didn't think she could work with gray. she called it devastating for d.c. students. as for gray, he hasn't said what to do with michelle rhee except that he will sit down with her at some point and that some point will likely be this wednesday. but whether or not any decisions will come from that meeting remain to be seen. here is what gray had to say during a press conference last wednesday. >> we're not goi
of the d.c. council said he would meet this week with michelle rhee to see if they can work together. but it is wadely expected she'll leave. only the timing being uncertain. gray supporters say gray's deliberative style won't substitute f action. >> we ran a campaign in five months. we put it together. we ran it and we won. so if that doesn't show you how quickly we can put something togeth and pull it off, i don't know what will. >> not everyone agrees any elected official makes. it is a more inclusive process. >> i know people are excited. the kids are in early school care. and they think michelle rhee created preschool. he got it done three years early. >> reporter: zbra a democratic nominee and faces on a general election formality november 2 when he'll be free to start putting his own government together. we have much work to do. to bring this city together. i'm going to work hard. i will try to earn the confidence of those who may not have ved for me. >> reporte the d.c. party hold as traditional unity breakfast tomorrow morning. it will be the first chance for gray and fenty
on everyone's mind is whether or not michelle rhee is staying or going. we could have an answer this week. christine fisher is live at d.c. public headquarters. do we have any idea which way rhee is leaning? >> reporter: she has made comments that would indicate that she probably will not stay in this position, specifically last week, the day after the big win, she called gray's primary victory devastating. you make a comment like that, certainly decreases your chance of keeping the job. but let's be clear, no decision has been made. in records to what is happening this week, michelle rhee has been on vacation. she will be returning this week. when she does, she has set up a meeting with vince gray. he is, of course, the man who defeated michelle rhee's current boss, mayor adrien fenty. in the past she said she did not think she could work with gray. last week she called the outcome of that democratic primary devastating for d.c.'s children. as for gray, he was heavily critical of rhee and her public school reforms and opposed her fairing of more than 200 teachers for under performance. i
. >> reporter: careful to hold off on keeping the chancellor michelle rhee, he seemed to make it clear he's not happy with peter nickles as attorney general. >> he's been clear about that. last night in his victory speech, he's seeming to hint to the fact that he may not keep on michelle rhee. did he have anymore to say about that today? he put a phone call in to her and that he was waiting to hear from her. he figured she was busy and she does run a school system. he wants to talk to her. there are people who are suggesting to him that he keep her on for a period, a transitional period, may be a period of about a year and he was mum on what he's going to do, definitely. >> reporter: know a lot of parents are anxious about that one. thank you, karen gray houston. >>> d.c. mayor fenty said he is done with politics for now and will not run as an independent or republican in the november general election. at a late morning news conference, he thanked his supporters and said he will now get behind vincent gray, the man who soundly beat him in the democratic primary. paul wagner picks up the t
a good job. >> first michelle rhee is back in the national spotlight. >> welcome back, everybody. 4:45 is your time. a man who judged a middle and high school wrestling match, many of them in northern virginia, has been arrested and charged with possessing child pornography. 59-year-old mark barget was arrested after the apartment next door to his caught fire in jaund the pornography was found. an elderly man's body was found last night. authorities say this is a death investigation. there is currently nothing suspicious. transportation leaders will be gathering in d.c. today for another distracted driving summit. this year's event will focus on the effects of text messaging. it comes a day after the government says fewer people are being killed in crashes due to distracted driving. >> michelle rhee is getting more attention with every passing day. yesterday she was on oprah winfrey talking about how hard it is to turn around d.c. public schools. >> this is a warrior woman. [applause] she is a wor major woman. >> michelle rhee made headlines when she fired hundreds of teachers and c
primary was vincent gray. he supported the education as well. in michelle rhee, you have the national backing of reform. she did something unforgettable -- unforgivable. separate her from education reform and she was very affective and was a media-savvy. educational reform in the district of columbia does not end with michelle rhee. >> educational reform would not have happened in d.c. accept or michelle rey. she is an historical figure. she is a true hero of the movement. >> the fact that she will go, we will say. in a couple of years, the teachers union will ride again and will not be able to get rid of the bad teachers. we will go back to status quo. >> the most important thing that happens with the education reform is taking the school board that had been the problem with education and the district of columbia because they play a political football. the person who pushes that will lead the district of columbia3 >> the timing of that the feed is important on a national scale. those advocates of education reform or led by the corporate community and they are on the verge of releasin
was controversial but it was a highly publicized battle that involved schools chancellor michelle rhee. >> the winner of the democratic primary, vincent gray sat on the city council and supported education reform. michelle rhee is the national face of educational reform. she did something unforgivable. she jumped into a political partisan race. she worked for the defeat of the person who will be the mayor of the district of columbia separate her from educational reform and she was an affected person. i like a lot of things about her, but educational reform in the district of columbia does not and if he elects to leave. >> educational reform would not have happened without michelle rhee. she is an historic figure. it is almost impossible to define the union getting rid of bad teachers and raising pay for good teachers. she is a true hero of the movement. >> the fact that she will go -- we will see. in a couple of years, my guess is that they will not be able to get rid of the teachers' union. they will not be allowed to get rid of the bad teachers and we will go back to the status quo.
the latest on the future of chancellor michelle rhee. >> [applause] for the first time since the primary, mayor adrian fenty and vincent gray are standing together. the question remains, will vincent gray stand by the school chancellor? >> we want to make the right decision for the city. part of that process is being able to sit down with the people in their jobs data. we will do that in the weeks ahead. >> over the past 3.5 years, michelle rhee has put together reform efforts and going -- including firing hundreds of teachers and closing schools. she says controversial decisions may have contributed to adrian fenty losing his job and could cause her current job. >> yes, it pains me this effort has so much promise. >> a number of d.c. council member spoke out on the issue. some are hoping that michelle rhee will stay and others believe reform will go on without her. >> i think it would be a great loss for the city. to jeopardize the momentum that has been built for change them of this is a bad system. it would be a mistake to even talk about our. >> this is a gray says she is not the onl
falls. >>> d.c. school chancellor michelle rhee went on oprah today to advocate school reform like the kind she's implemented here in the district. she's featured in the new movie waiting for superman, it's a documentary about the poor state of the country's public schools. meanwhile speculation said she will be moving on if and when vincent gray takes over as mayor. bruce johnson is here with the latest on who is coming and who is going, following city hall and mayor fenty's defeat last week. >> that's right. and all bets are that michelle rhee won't stick around beyond the transition period. and others the fenty administration is looking for work today. >> reporter: pulling up the resume file. it's being seen in every corner of the d.c. government office buildings today. the fenty team is out and the gray team will be in at the end of the year. >> is much work getting done? >> no. i think the shock is just settle for people. >> reporter: and inside the bullpen there appeared to be absences. people getting away for leave, a result of the six or seven- day workweek. >> we work at t
. gray has a meeting scheduled with schools chancellor michelle rhee. kristen fisher joins us from d.c. public schools headquarters. >> reporter: good morning. ever spins vince gray won the democratic primary last tuesday, the big question following him is what will happen to d.c. school chancellor michelle rhee. initially at a press conference after the primary, gray said he would wait until after the general election before he made any sort of personnel decisions. now we are hearing it could be happening much sooner. here is why. rhee will be returning from vacation this week and when she does, as you said, she already has agreed to a meeting with vincent gray. the man who defeated her current boss. rhee said this the past she didn't think she could work with rhee. she called the outcome of the democratic primary devastating for d.c.'s children. as for gray, he was heavily critical of rhee and her school reforms and opposed her firing of more than 200 d.c. teachers for under performance. it's almost certain that he and rhee will part ways. still, gray says school reform will move f
any personnel decisions. and schools chancello michelle rhee is continuing to make her decision based on the current school year. education was a major campaign issue for both gray and fenty. the mayor's choice as chancellor and the reform of the school system didn go over very well with much of the electorate. so the big question asked during all the post-election news conferences yesterday, will michelle rhee stay or go? she called the electio results a significant change in direction, but vowed to work with both chairman gray and fenty. >> we'renot going to be turning back any clocks on school reform, we're going to be moving forward. >> the demand that more politicians stand up and you know, are willing to make the hard decisions likedrian fenty has done over the last 3 1/2 years. >> now registered schools are featured in a new documentary on school reform called waiting for superman. rhee is one of several people interviewed in that movie. both fenty and rhee say their management decisions played a huge impact on those primary results. joe, back to you. >> elaine reyes reporting
schools chancellor michelle rhee. he says don't expect any decision on that until after the general election in november. >>> coming up, we have a full report on what michelle rhee plans to do next. >>> he is responsible for an anti-auto theft device that millions of people own. tragic news about the inventor of the club. >>> a mystery involving gas stations in the area. who is stealing thousands of gallons of diesel fuel from underground tanks and how are they doing it? we're checking headlines next. get any phone free only at verizon when you buy the hot new samsung fascinate with its super amoled screen. get a free samsung intensity a free blackberry bold or any other phone in our lineup. don't miss out. offer ends soon. buy a samsung fascinate and any other phone is free. only at verizon. >>> making headlines being the inventor of the popular anti- auto theft item the club died in an auto crash. he invented the club in 1986 after someone stole his cadillac. his company has sold more than 10 mull onof those devices. he was 81 years sewed. >>> gas s
elbowen strasburg recor's surgery. >> and michelle rhee, her controversial role highlighted. >>> parts of the southern virginia coast is under a hurricane watch. captioned by the national captioning institute >>> wednesday morning, welcome back. in the '60s in most outlying areas. in the '70s inside the beltway. 73 in rockville. 78 in the district, 66 in winchester. it feels a lot like the past couple morning's. strong high pressure in place day after day, the same conditions, very similar. let's look at the forecast. we will have changes very shortly. today, nearly total sunshine, mid 90's again, for a few degrees cooler tomorrow, but very sunny. a few degrees cooler by friday with some added clouds from hurricane earl locally. we are looking pretty good locally. if you are headed to the beaches early for this holiday weekend, that is where you'll have an impact from and what is now category three hurricane earl. a cold front by the weekend, high temperatures in the low 80s with low humidity. i jul angelenjoy. >>> this is video of an accident yesterday south on inte
with michelle rhee whose future remains in limbo this morning. the two metaphor more than an hour at the wilson building and then appeared before the cameras after that much-anticipated meeting. you see rhee stays in the background and appears to be unhappy. she kept her distance as gray spoke to reporters. >> we did not clans about staying or going. we talked about the state of education in the city. >> gray says he and rhee will meet again in the next few weeks but he will not make any personnel decisions until after the november election. he tried to interview michelle rhee but they said the chairman is the only one making a statement. >>> it is 6:06. when "good morning washington" returns, steven cobert makes a trip to capitol hill. >>> plus, a look back at the life of eddie fisher. a singer better known for his scandalous life. >>> first, a sneak peek at the weekend forecast. building wind farms and expanding clean energy manufacturing. but in america, gridlock has held us back. now, the senate can change that - by passing a renewable electricity standard. it will spur development of clean
educators, are observing classrooms as part of chancellor michelle rhee's new way of evaluating teacher performance. she calls it impact. there's nothing quite like impact in public education anywhere in the united states. nowhere else can a teacher, even one who has tenure, lose his job immediately after receiving an ineffective rating. >> the wheels are in motion for action, and the time for dramatic change begins today. >> reporter: from the moment newly elected mayor adrian centy appointed michelle rhee chancellor in june 2007 she began making controversial changes to a system that's been failing for years. when she arrived just 12% of the district's 8th graders were reading at a proficient level. math scores were even worse. only 8% proficient. families were leaving the public schools in droves with enrollment down by nearly one third over ten years. the mayor vowed to fix the schools and counted on rhee, a former nonprofit leader and classroom teacher, to get the job done. >> i am going to run this district in a way that is constantly looking out for the best interests of the chil
're at the museum, waiting for "superman's" premiere. michelle rhee has been the national symbol on education reform and she admits she probably played a part in the mayor losing his job. so the question now, what happens to d.c. schools? for nearly four years, michelle rhee has been on a warpath. along with the mayor, overhauling a school district many regard as a national disgrace. with an on-time graduation rate of 49%, closing 26 schools, laying off 470 teachers, she called underperforming, and demanding accountability from those who remain. there are signs of slow improvement. in three years, math proficiency scores have gone from an abysmal 27% to 43%. reading proficiency from just 29% to 43%. still not good enough. >> the bottom line is, it's still only half of our children that are on grade level. slightly less actually. so when i look at how much still yet has to be done, it's still quite daunting. >> reporter: championed by education reform activists, she appears in the a new movie about the state of america's schools, "waiting for superman." >> you wake up every morning and you know that
go? will vincent gray in line to be the next may of d.c., school chancellor michelle rhee addresses her future. good morning, thanks for joining us for "news 4 today." i'm eun yang. >> i'm joe krebs. today i trsday. it is the 16th day of sepmber 2010. let's take a live look outside this morning. we have some clouds above us right now. nice day at 66 degrees. going to get warm, too. here's tom. >> a southerly breeze will increase this afternoon, that will sweep in some warmth and get us into the mid 80s probably by midternoon. then a front moves in fromhe midwest and looks like it may trigger some showers in the mountains by midafternoon. shenandoah valley by perhaps late afternoon, and here inthe metro area after sunset. so thankfully much-needed rain coming our way. let's look at temperatures now. it's off to a pleasant start on this thursday morning. we're in the low 60s in the suburbs and rural areas. upper 60s in washington. and right near the water, only in the 50s though in western maryland and much of west virginia, eastern shore mid 60s. and right at the beach, it's near 70.
it could save your lif >>> michelle rhee is seen as super man and people can't understand why we're not delighted to have super man. >> e's been touted as the national model for reform. why are some wok her leaving d.c.? >>>and lindsay lohan is back behind bars for failing a drug test. >>> a fast forward through headlines. fire officials in manassas say three home that burnto the ground in a fire yesterday were all built to code. fast moving flame destroyed the homes and damaged ve other nearby houses. some neighbors stay me were built extremely close to one another. the cause is still under investigation. >>> a candlelight vigil is being held tonight for 2year-old ashley mccrae who was killed in southeast washington last saturday. police have arrested damon ss for her murder. sams, a rapper known as nine millie was once mentored by the peaceaholics group. >>> and people are on alert of a waking up to find a bear roaming their streets. the bear was spotted today near hillard street right behind the john pool middle school. the bear sightings are not common in maryland and officia
of the same people said they were voting for him, because they are afraid if he loses, michelle rhee will leave washington, d.c. so, i put that question to the mayor today, and i asked, does it matter that people are voting for you tscho? >> it doesn't. >> it doesn't bother you? >> no, michelle rhee is the best example of what we are doing here in d.c., hiring great people and allowing them to run the agencies in a private sector environment where results matter. the schools are the most important thing. anybody who says that the number one reason they voted for me is because of the schools or my school's chancellor, boy, that is about as much praise as you can give an elected official and means they were making the right decisions on the right issues. d.c. is headed in the right direction. we believe we will support all of the advances we have made and even the most critical poll, and we think that we have made a lot of progress since the latest polls have come out and even the most critical one that says that 65% of the people believe that the city is headed in the right direction
. >>> d.c. school chancellor michelle rhee has taken her reform campaign on oprah. she taped an appearance before the mayoral primary and it aired today. back here there is speculation that she won't be working after the election. bruce johnson is here to tell us more about that. >> reporter: if there is any doubt, michelle rhee is a superstar. she was on oprah today. it was in conjunction with her starting in the film of waiting for superman. that's a documentary about public school education. and that was before her boss, adrian fenty, loss the election. vincent gray said today he had not talked to michelle rhee by phone or in person. the two others said they would meet this week. and both have left impressions they cannot or won't work together. michelle rhee called the results in which her boss, fenty, lost, saying, devastating. >> reporter: do you see any scenario in which you two could work together. >> i think it depends on the discussion. >> and how about the results of the election are being devastating for students. >> she put out some important things but i think it's important
and chancellor of shington, d.c. school michelle rhee, randi weingarten, president of the federation of teachers. and robert bobb, emergency financial manager of detroit and robert bobb, emergency financial manager of detroit public schools. captions paid for by nbc-universal television 0. >>> but first, to politics and the divided congress. what will republicans do in power? this week, republican leaders in the house unveiled their pledge to americ campaign manifesto that's the 2010 version of the gop's contract with america from 1994. the higights -- extend the bush tax cuts, t spending, and repeal health care reform. >> our pledge to america is that the republicans stand ready to get it done and beginning today. >> but the question is, are these new ideas or more of the same? here to debate tt question among others, one of the architects of the republican pledge, the chairman of the house republican congress, representative -- representative mikpence of diana. he's here in new york. and the man responsible for electing democrats of the house this fall. the chairman of the democratic campaign
more than one dozen ntsb recommendations. >> vincent gray and the schools chancellor michelle rhee are keeping a tight lid about their meeting today. gray told reporters dedecker they did not -- but that they did not talk about whether or not he would keep michelle rhee. he said he will make no decisions about her until after the election. >> still to come, some are calling it the new contract with america. today, republicans and reveal their strategy for dealing with the nation's ills. >> plus, you an outrage. the president of iran accuses the u.s. of masterminding the september 11 attacks. >> and a new smart phone force facebook. -- for facebook. details ahead. >> tomorrow, mid 90's. i will tell you all about it. expanding clean energy manufacturing. but in america, gridlock has held us back. now, the senate can change that - by passing a renewable electricity standard. it will spur development of clean energy and boost manufacturing in america, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs. so we can make our own energy future - not just buy it from china. call your senators and ur
>>> school meeting. vincentray and school ancellor michelle rhee will meet face-to-face today to talk about the future of the school system. >> new benefits. the first wave of changes from new health care law start today. we'll brk them down for you. good morning and thanks for joining us for "news 4 today," i'm eun yang. >> good morning to you, i'm joe krebs on this thursday, the 23rd day of september. let's take a live look outside right now. 73. pretty warm degrees for this time of year. it's autumn. ought to feel lik autumn. >> but it's not going to. >> didn't feel like yesterday. at least for part of the day. >> by dafternoon, was uncomfortably warm. looks like we're going to repeat that today. good morning, i'm meteorologist tom kierein. 70 by the day, 60s from the shenandoah valley to the atlantic beaches. montgomery, arlington, fairfax and prince george's counties in the upper 60s right now. ouof the mountains of western maryland, west virginia and many locations are just near 60. away from the waters on the eastern shore in the upper 60s. right around virginia tide wa
the country. d.c. has been at the forefront of this debate. michelle rhee has already voiced her opinion on meet the press. tracee wilkins is live with more. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. michelle rhee is becoming the face of urban school reform. she was featured yesterday on meet the press's panel. during the show we addressedhy she fired hundreds of teachers. moderator david gregory brought fenty's loss and e d.c. primary up. suggesting that a lack of national support may keep other mayors and governors from risking political capital lost through education refm effort. when gregory asked rhee wl she stay on as chancellor, she had this to say. >> i think that's something we still have to determine and i have
-- the hour. >>> still ahead, a first casino in maryland is opening its doors early. >>> michelle rhee is back in the national spotlight. >>> and this kenmore elite multi-motion washer... how does that work? hit it! see, other machines only go in circles. this kenmore elite has multi-motions for a custom clean. it scrubs to help lift stains, rolls to wash gently, swings, steps, and tumbles. better than just circles, what! sorry. get a free stainless steel upgrade on top brands, and 15% off all appliances. plus save up to an additional $250 instantly with our appliance trade-in program. sears. >>> 5:10 monday morning, welcome back. drought relief is what we have been looking for and hoping for. it is materializing. widespread areas of rain. showers in the interstate 81 corridor, smiled. moderate rain in parts of anne arundel county. this is pushing from the south to the north. showers off and on throughout the day. high temperatures will be in the mid 70's for most of us. low 70's al west. maybe upper 50's in parts of west virginia and western maryland. thunderstorms are possible along and east
. >> this is a warrior woman. >> michelle rhee had set zero press stage. ah's states. tannenbaum -- >>> two children were hit by a car. they worked on -- they were in north east around 4:30. both children were taken to the hospital and one is in serious condition. >>> police are helping the public can help them in a local murder mystery. >> per family is pleading for answers. -- kirk family is pleading for answers. >> the report is now up to $5,000. authorities believe that she was last living in the fort washington area, but they say her struggles with prostitution believe that she was living all over the place. this is made that case much harder to crack. they have to people want to talk to. who killed the 19 year-old? the broken hearted family wants to know. he stopped hearing from his little sister. taylor's remains were discovered march 6. a hunter stumbled upon a shallow grave. police say she died of multiple trauma. raised by a grandmother in west virginia after her mother died, she moved as a teenager. her brother said she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. they are -- police are looking for it
their children to ride a bike or walk on franconia road. >>> coming up later, michelle rhee's effect on the district's race for mayor. there's a loophole that highlights the school chancellor's role. >>> where drivers may want to avoid for in the next month. >>> traffic and on this wednesday morning. in the '60s and outlying areas. to low over 70 within the beltway. clear skies this morning. the humidity is not so bad. 65 and warrenton. 67 in woodbridge. 65 in stafford. 68 in martinsburg, 67 in hagerstown, 78 in the district. forecast, and dry, mostly sunny, like the past couple days. "orange inequality. highs in the mid-90s. a few degrees cooler tomorrow, low to mid 90s. cooling off into the weekend, the cold front that moves in on friday. low 80's on saturday and sunday with sunshine. will talk about the latest on hurricane earl in a few minutes. >>> very interesting. in frederick, md., southbound on 15 at 26 liberty road, if traffic is able to get through after a crash. newschopper 7 is flying over 295 coastal nsa on the late laurel. normal speeds. let's go to a map. no problems o
. the news continues with "good morning washington" at 5:30. >> still ahead, michelle rhee's fight for d.c. schools is in the national spotlight again. we'll have highlights. >> today, a pleasant start to the day. noticeably cooler than yesterday. we're really going to heat yesterday. we're really going to heat things up. when you buy the hot new samsung fascinate with its super amoled screen. get a free samsung intensity, a free blackberry bold or any other phone in our lineup. don't miss out. offer ends soon. buy a samsung fascinate and any other phone is free. only at verizon. how does that work? hit it! see, other machines only go in circles. this kenmore elite has multi-motions for a custom clean. it scrubs to help lift stains, rolls to wash gently, swings, steps, and tumbles. better than just circles, what! sorry. get 15% off all appliances and an extra 10% with your sears card. plus, save up to an additional $250 instantly with our appliance trade-in program. sears. trying to be bigatcha doing like you, dad. little bite™? you're so good at keeping everyone full... and focused w
test scores. vincent gray wouldn't consent to keeping michelle rhee if he becomes mayor. >> i believe very strongly in support of the schools and will continue to do that if i become the next mayor of the district of columbia. >> reporter: vincent gray did say if he was elected he would fire d.c. attorney general feature nichols. early voting has already started. primary election day in d.c. and maryland, though, is tuesday. >>>. >> voters say education? i no. 1 concern in this election and joining us tonight to talk about it, the head of d.c. public schools chancellor michelle rhee. thanks for being here tonight. you've made a lot of changes in both policy and leadership within the school system. what's next on your agenda for d.c. public schools? >> well, we want to continue to focus on the things that matter most which is student achievement and everything that we need to do to drive student achievement levels higher. so some of the things that parents can anticipate happening this year with their students is that there's going to be more focus on individual students where they are
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's presumptive mayor elect, vincent gray will meet with michelle rhee. the closed door meeting starts at noon at the wilson building and that's where kristin fisher is live with more on what we can expect. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning. we don't know if we will get any sort of definitive answer as to what exactly what will happen to michelle rhee, but at the very least we should get an indication in to how their relationship is going to progress over the next few months, leading up to the november general election. now, this has been the dominant issue ever since vincent gray won the primary last week. rhee signaled she has no long- term interest in working for gray. in fact one day after his primary victory she called the win devastating for dc's school children. not the statement you are likely to make if you are hoping to impress your new boss and keep your job. for his part, gray has said rhee's job is contingent on the conversation they have at noon today. listen to what he had to say this past monday. >> do you see any scenario? which the two of you could work together. >
. and the question of whether or not michelle rhee will step down or stay on board when mayor fenty leaves office. i'm ahmed mady and i'm a homebuilder. my father brought me up to give back to society... felicia jackson promised her late sister that she would take care of her children. but she needed help. i used my american express open card to get half a million points to buy building materials to help build the jackson family a new home. well, i know if my dad was still around, he would have told me, with no doubt... he would have told me it's a no brainer and i knew that from the start. it was an honor. booming is moving forward by giving back. >>> the third annual mix for kids radiothon was once again nothing short of a huge success. at last count, the benefit for children's national hospital raised more than $42 # thousand. that is more than double from last year. mix 107.3 hosted the event. we were the media partners and it went very well. i was out there last thursday. it went very well to raise that much money in this climate, absolutely fantastic. we thank everybody who came out and called
michelle rhee. would either of them have anything to say following that meet something we'll get a full report. >>> don't you guys work out at the chrysler factory? you know, the government spent a lot of money bailing you guys out. >> auto workers busted on camera doing things they probably shouldn't be doing on their lunch break. the response from the automaker. we'll be right pack.    -- we'll be right back.  >>> there was no decision in the high-stakes meeting between vincent gray and michelle rhee. rhee was a staunch supporter of mayor adrian fenty in the election. fox 5's jennifer davis has details. >> reporter: michelle rhee was quiet as she walked into the meeting at high noon with vincent gray f the two squared off behind closed doors, they decided not to talk about it. a serious looking rhee looked on but let gray do all the talking. >> the chancellor and i just finished what i think was the a very productive meeting. wing we both fervently agree we want the best for our kids in the district of columbia. >> reporter: gray says this was in the a d
in the district are wondering what will happen to michelle rhee. rhee and gray haven't always seen eye to eye and when asked twice by wusa 9 about the future of michelle rhee, chairman gray refused to answer the question. rhee issued a statement yesterday standing by her reform. >> mayor fenty called gray and said he has no other job offers a this point and will keep charging ahead for the next 105 days he is the mayor of columbia. he has a law degree but spent little time practicing law and got in trouble with the dc bar when he did. he has not ruled out another run for political office but he says it is almost 100% certain he will stay in washington and serve this community in some way. >>> stocks rally to a five-week high while the number of foreclosures continue to climb. it is 4:38. 69 degrees and you are watching 9 news now. we'll be right back. >>> 50 westbound early morning construction to avoid. the update is coming up. >>> at this time it is time for the first living smart report of the morning. jessica doyle is here with the headlines. >>> wall street will focus on the job market t
is forpatients on chemotherapy and some hiv infected patients. >>> whether or not michelle rhee could stay or go. >>> and stranded whales off a remote beach. >>> and [music throughout] finding what you love makes you happy. saving up to 60% every day makes you homegoods happy. ♪ tell it to go on >>> today rescuers started to move 24 stranded pilot whales from a remote beach in new zealand. they were loaded on to a truck and taken 30 miles south where they'll be released. 80 pilot wales washed ashore. only 25 survived. they were on the way to antarctic feeding grounds in the southern hemisphere. boy, that's a bad thing to see. >> th's so strange how that happens sometimes. their radar goes off or whatever. they beach themselves. incredible. >> and the surviving ones getting trucked to another destination. you wonder how many make it through that. a lot of us wdered how we would make it through a 98 something today. >> yeah. late september. >> i'm looking at the number and said i think we can hit 95. maybe 97. weit 99 today. this is the latest that we have ever seen temperature this hot across o
he would keep or fire the school's chancellor michelle rhee and is making personnel decisions after the general election. >> my understanding is chancellor rhee made statements already that she could only work for this mayor. i don't know if it matters what we think. clearly there does need to be a transition. >> reporter: vince gray said he got an early-morning phone call from mayor fenty who is pledging his complete support in the transition. he also said that he put in a phone call to michelle rhee that set in a meeting to talk to her and caught a -- got a phone message from the white house and it was not from president obama will. >>> and now mayor fenty is done with politic for now and won't run as an independent or republican in the november general election. fenty thanked his supporters and said he will get behind vincent gray. paul wagner joins us live with more. paul. >> reporter: fenty spoke without bitterness saying he lost fair and square to sin vent -- vincent gray. instead of sadness and regrets, the mayor was smiles as he addressed reporters at his campaign headquarte
tenure. last night the film was screened for a crowd that included the head of d.c. schools michelle rhee. rhee has been trying to purge her schools of failing principals and teachers. at an education nation panel, she sparred with the teachers union boss. >> we need to have real evaluation systems, which is what the union has been focused on, so teachers are judged fairly and systems that help create continuous improvement. and at the same time have some due process so that we guard against arbitrating it. >> from my perspective, it seems like what was scary to people was this idea of beginning to differentiate folks. so we're going to differentiate and recognize and reward the highest performing teachers and look at the lowest performing teachers and we're going to remove them from the system. that is a concept that is so necessary. >> reporter: meantime, the obama administration is focusing on bringing new teachers into the mix. today, announcing a goal of recruiting 10,000 new science, technology, engineering and math teachers. >> we have to be much more creative. if we want better re
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